A Conversation for The Controversy Surrounding the Origins of the Taj Mahal

What can we do

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What can we do to try to let this truth out? does anyone know? i can't just sit and read this and not do anything about it. It's making me soo furious as i keep reading and getting more and more information from different sites, and looking at different pictures. There must be something we can do. For too long, we've been blinded by this illusion of love. It's about time, the world knows of the truth. Even if it's something small we can do, but efficient, please reply back to this message.

What can we do

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I do not hope the political model in india has left us with any option.No government in india will unveil the truth .Mainly for votes and may be economics of the Taj sightseeing income.If you are staying in India you must be aware that the Waqf Board is already claiming the possession of the Taj.When BJP was in Power it could certainly have done something but TAj truth will not fetch votes as Ram mandir could do.So they did not bother....it's as simple as that

What can we do

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I live in the US, i don't know anything about the WaqfBoard. What is it exactly?

What can we do

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its simple -
let as many people, Hindu or not, know about it......

the FACT that a film is being made about the FALSE version of the TAJ MAHALS history goes to show that this is an attempt to cover up history and re-write the minds of hindus.....


the above link also comes with photographic evidence.......

its not just the TAJ MAHAL that has been taken in this way but also the KAABA - where there is a SHIV LING......


it would be stupid of the hindus to let this slip from under our feet but at the same time its a sensitive topic.....

we cannot blame the Muslims and the Islam of today cos of the actions of the past.......

The 3rd Side of a Koin.....
The Beginning and the End.....

What can we do

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>link to unfinished website - but ready for a sneak preview...

pls check this out.......

What can we do

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Oh yeah, even the Kaaba was a hindu temple. Here's the Link to Shri P N Oak's article http://www.hinduism.co.za/kaabaa.htm
Visit the homepage to enrich your knowledge of Hindu culture

visit this link to know a lot more http://islamreview.org/KoranKafir/appendix4.html

and if you are really angry about what's happening to Hinduism and Hindus; can digest hard facts thrown on your face, go to this link

what can you do? there are 1000's of forums online. join them and try to lend your support.

What can we do

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i really can't understand the reason behind statements like "if you are really angry about what's happening to Hinduism and Hindus". even if the incidents come to be true, which is questionable till date, what change do u think it would bring to India ? At present we have a lot more issues, which if solved can bring drastic development to India. We need to concentrate how we can improve our economy, the living standard of general mass and things like that. Just repeating on issues, which have no connection with present society may just hamper our effort to progress. By that I don't say that truth should not be revealed, actually it should be revealed at any cost if there is any substantial confusion. Hoever my proposal is that we must not allow topics like these to play with our tolerance level, and there by destroying our harmony. The outcome of the enquiry, if it is done at any time, should not be allowed to destabilize our society . If it occurs, I can only say that people in India will bring the death of a Glowing REAL future at the cost of religion, which cant feed you and your child. As Indian we should show our tolerance to issues which has no relevance to future growth to Nation and concentrate on issues which can bring happiness and prosperity to the nation as a whole......

What can we do

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Oh yes Mr. Saharanjit its Hinduism which has helped Bharathiyas withstand the onslaught of foreign invaders for the last 1000 years and still is helping the GENERAL MASS carry on with their daily life.

Do you know why Kashmir is Burning like Hell?
Do you know what's happening to the Northeast?
Only if such issues are solved will the drastic development you say will happen.

Do you know how much money our Hindu Temples make? The Tirupati temple tops with 500 crores. There are 1000s of such temples in India but all their money is swallowed by our corrupt politicians. All the temples are under government control. Think of the schools and hospitals that can be built and the no.of mouths that could be fed with this temple money. But no that is not happening.

No church or mosque is under govt. control. They too churn crores of money. Do you know where these monies go? Do you know what Madarsas teach small muslim children? Terrorism and hatred is cultivated with their money.

I have said this before. More than 3000 large hindu temples where razed to the ground to build mosques. Mahmud Ghazni made 13 expeditions to loot and plunder the wealth of Somnath alone. He built a whole city out of the loot.

By 2045 India will become a muslim majority nation. Then you may talk of playing with the tolerance level.


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What can we do

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hi, i think sarhanjit is right, and there are other things that we need to pay attention to. we are hindus, and our religion does not teach us to be butchers. there is no point in being angry as it will not solve a thing. just because muslims think killing hindus will make them stronger..well u dont really believe that do you..they will be crushed one day,and its their own stupid way of thinking that will kill them..about india being a islamic country in some time..are you people mad! that religion in our country is a minority..convince me that that information is based on any kind of statistics..and about the temple issues, we should not have hatred for what has already happened in the past. even with hindus, in the earlier days there has been 'sati', widows had to live a miserable life if they werent already killed at their husbands pyre..do u think it makes sense if all the women protest and say the men are evil and they need to be killed because of what they did to the women earlier? all of us has had some flaws or the other, there is no religion without any mistakes..we live life just once..i think its important to leave aside our differences and not generalise..and you know what mr. mayavi 22...i am a proud indian..all this does not mean i do not love my country..as a matter of fact, you are sick...you really have a problem and need to understand whats in the interest of the country..people like you are the ones that are spoiling the name of our peace loving country...

What can we do

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Why should we be concerned about who built Taj Mahal. It is one of the most beautiful work of art. Let us enjoy and forget the controversies.smiley - biggrin


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What can we do

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See people we are not here to fight. Keep fighting among ourselves and it will be easy for the enemies to destroy us. I quote Vivekananda -40 million Englishmen put their will together while 300 million Indians each had a separate will- not the exact lines. But do you how many Englishmen were there in India- about 2000.

Mr. Mayavi DO NOT USE STRONG WORDS OR CALL ANYONE NAMES. We are not here to frighten or antagonize anyone esp., other Hindus. They are woefully ignorant. They have not seen what we have seen; not heard what we have heard. It is our duty as Hindus to convince our ignorant brothers and sisters. But thanks anyway, I thought I was all alone.

My brother says that, once if these ignorant Hindus get slapped by a Muslim or Christian, if they are affected by the anti-Hindu activities of others they will get all the knowledge and courage, and will become wise. We'll be sitting and discussing, while they will be shouting at us to stop chating and start acting.

Ms. Nisha, Mr. Saharangit is not right and so are you. You are ignorant of what is happening to our country. Do not separate development and religion being a Hindu. Only if Dharma is upheld, will the development you ask for happen. Which you cannot expect from MNC's who are greedy, lustful and don't care about Nature. Or from Marxists. Even your mindset attained due to Macaulayish education will not uphold Dharma. You have to change your direction of thought for the development you say to happen.

You will have to definitely study our religion and others. Start with the Gita with an unbiased commentary like that of Swami Chinmayanda. Do not buy "Gita as it is" from Iskcon or any other similar work.

And of course do not still follow gandhian ideals as they did not get us Freedom. That's another story.

And you will want to know what happens, when a people of one religion get majority over another in a country. Try to read about East Timor which blood due to relgious violence, just within the last 5 years. Read many articles and not just one. And try to go to all the links given in the conversation.

What can we do

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Ohh! great! They removed my earlier post.
Anyways I apologize. I admit I got a little carried away with that one. See, it really hurts me to know that people don't realise the truth. They are stuck in their turn the other cheek ideology and such stuff. I just don't want for them to realise the truth the hard way. I sometimes do act in a big brother way but it's just to protect.
My apologies again to Saharanjit and Nisha.

What can we do

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Indu I strongly agree with you.. It has been long that we have been mis-guided and our culture being destroyed. All of us need to come forward and design a way to get the right information to the general public and get things straighten up. I have got one of my friends working for the Archealogical department.. lets see what information I can get from him.. Jigar Shah

What can we do

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People in the US, you can get into touch with forums like
Hindu Students Council
American Hindus Against Defamation ( [email protected] )

I'll try to give some more names.

The problem in India is that the Media- Newspaper and TV is in the hands of Marxists and Communists. They very happily dole out false stories about Hindu religious fanaticism, but do not give any news about Terrorism by Islam, Conversions by Christian Missionaries or about Crosses appearing on Tirupathi right in the place where the Sahasra Deepa pooja is done.

But they flash the picture of a Single muslim(who is alive and doing well) crying for mercy across every magazine cover. But no news about the 50 or so people burnt to death in Godhra. How is it that a large no.of muslims assembling a day before the train incident in Godhra and accumulating petrol and kerosene be called coincidence. God only knows the logic of these fellows.

Reading such news from a young age, people like Saharangit and Nisha are made to believe that religion and development are different; Hinduism is full of superstitions and many other such fallacies. They are given a rosy picture of our country's condition.

The History books are written by communist historians like Romila Thapar with the trust and confidence of Angana Chatterjee, Brinda Karat etc. They firmly state that Aryan Invasion of India(which is one big cartload of bullshit) is a hard fact that ought to be taught to not only Indian children but also to Californians. They support Michel Witzel the great Harvard historian(not given a glance by geneticists, archaeologists and linguists) who says it is a conspiracy by Hindu fanatics and geneticists to undermine such a great theory.

It is only in India that on the basis of such bullshit even political parties are created(down south-party names ending in K)and governments are run.

So please try to go to the links given in this conversation. Do some search by yourselves. Join some of the forums and groups on the net. Indian Civilisation in yahoogroups is one. You need to have an ever expansive inbox to accommodate all the mails from that group. But very informative. And if you want to contact me, welcome at [email protected]

What can we do

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well..i didnt mean to come across as an insensitive hindu, who is not true to her religion..i was just appalled by the way mayavi22 has used harsh words and almost sounds like he/she is one of them terrorists..so full of anger! it is really hard for me understand how we can fight with one group of people by behaving and doing the exact things that we dont like about them. are you trying to say that since they are out killing your wife and children, you are going to go out and kill theirs? does all this justify..
so if i am wrong in believing that we can work towards a better country without a violent streak..you tell me how do u propose working this out..another uprising..and all the minorities out of the country..is that what u suggest?
well, there are 75% of 'hindu' illegimate babies taken care of in..well..orphanges run by the minority 'catholic nuns'....how many hindu orphanges have you come across? when u have to put your child in school..all the hypocrites..all the people who make a fuss about religion will put their kids in a convent school..run by a minority..what then..i am not saying that we need them; but all of this adds up to our society and we cannot just try to wipe them out..everyone has their good points and bad..
i have been to all the links in the posting and i am saying this once again that i am proud to be an indian; a hindu and i worship, revere, respect my culture.
it would be interesting to know what all of you are doing for our religion 'besides' posting messages on the internet and making people aware of the situation..tell me what else..

What can we do

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I've been looking at this post of yours daily, since it was posted, Ms. Nisha. I wanted to write a fitting reply, without offending anybody. But I accept defeat. No more can I convince such stubborn people like you, people who voluntarily drown in ignorance even after facts are placed before you.

Really if a person using harsh words can be called a terrorist, then everybody will be a terrorist at some place and time. Have you never used harsh words?

When your spouse, children and parents are being tortured and killed in front of your eyes, wont you fight tooth and nail to save them. Are you so cowardly and so insensitive? Do you think you will be given medals and honours? It's a shame that, I a stranger should ask you to protect your family.

It is not my fault, if you have not come acros any Hindu schools and rehabilitation centres(let's not use the word 'orphanage')

Try this link. It's an article about an Hindu organisation working for the destitute.

Your posts, again and again instill that, you are as insensitive as you claim yourself not to be. In all your vanity, you ask what we are doing for our religion apart from posting messages.

The most important thing is taking the message to the masses. Internet is just one mode. This is just one of the many forums I participate. And countless other things are done in an organised manner. If you want to know get in touch with an Hindu service organisation. The real ones and not the fake ones.

I always have the thought of our religion, culture and the problems we are facing. I'm young. I have a long life ahead guaranteed by an ancient Hindu spiritual practice. I am using this life for the unity and development of Hindu society and will do so till I die.

Try to go through the other conversations related to the Taj Mahal in this list. It appears to me that you have not read the actual entry for the Taj at all.

What can we do

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if we were to ignore everything that is actually not true and different from what was taught to us, you and i wud be handing over an entirely false history to our children, just so that it suits your convenience. It is very easy to say ''awww let it be''...but thats a careless approach to your own nations historical facts.

The debate is not about muslims or hindus or create any harm to the religious sentiments to either of them...the debate is 'for'' the facts alone. As indians (hindus or muslims), we do have a right to know the truth behind this beautiful structure. No doubt, its beautiful and it shud remain that way for a long long time..but lets not get all romantic about the beauty and all other sentiments evolved around it. All we need to know is what is the origin of taj mahal, who built it and when did it change (if it was changed), and what we can now do about it without hurting the structure or hurting anyones religious sentiments !!



What can we do

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please all of u use ur right of adultfranchies(RIGHT TO VOTE)and pass this important inf to everyone.if we start selecting the BETTER political pary every time, the day will come we can change the whole system, the BEST pary will rule the country.

and plz dont anybody say that we cant do any thing, every little helps like drops make ocian.
first time i am discussing my feeling open to all. i am not boosting myself but i believe that if i cant do directly, i like encouraging the people who r doing the good. i give my --%of my income to the TIRUMALA TIRUPATHI DEVASTANAM, which is in tirupathi(balaji temle), who r doing alot for HINDUISM, VEDApatanam (teaching VEDAs) and lot more things. i learnt to donate the percentage of income from the sikh brothers (now making our country proud all over the world & i see lot of sikh in our temples abroad), all sikh donate 10% of their income to the gurudwara.i directly go to tirupathi for balaji darshanam whenever i am going to our country.

i am(26) very very happy seeing that lot of BHARATVASI (instead of calling INDIANS- a name given to BHARAT by these westerners) just like me intrested and willing to do someting to our HINDU religion and for our nation.

i support mayavi22 against nisha25, please read the quran which allways teach the heatred against non-muslims. when muslims were ruling they occupied the temples(perfect example is Ayodya) and constructed the mosques and even after independence they didt stop that but they r building the mosques infront of our temples. a mosque is built opp to a small hindu temple in a small street in historical city called warangal.(all the constructions done by kakatiya dynasty were damaged by muslims to large extent.)

i request to every one on this web-group please
------think about the HINDU population which was 85-88% while independence now why it is reduced to an avg of 75% ( one reason is different laws exist for muslims in our country supporting multiple marrages, which inturn giving birth to dozans of muslim with every marrage, if all citizens r equal, why we need different laws for muslims? i dont support multiple marrages for any one.todays malaysia a muslim country was before a country with no muslims. just few went on business trip & settled there and multiplied muslim population.
------think about accepting the foreign origin people not only just sonia gandhi, may be someone else next, to the higest positions like prime minister and president in our country. think if a political party which is holding majority in parliament is bribed for primeminister or president post any foreigner can be there-ofcourse it is not that easy but its not impossible) which i dont support.

i have visited most of the sites listed here
i am proud of my country, religoin and its rich heritage. but upset with the glorious hidden history(like tej-o-mahalaya).

request to the site maintainance incharge--plz show the count of the people visiting the site.

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