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Candi - now 42!

Please forgive me if this question has already been answered in one of the other threads....smiley - erm - there are so many I haven't time to read them all to check:

Why do you need a whistle without a dried pea or similar? And does similar mean, say, a little plastic ball? Just curioussmiley - smiley



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A whistle with a dried pea (or similar) doesn't work when it is iced up. Not sure about the effects of mud or wet. Outdoor whistles are cheap and easy to get from any outdoors shop.

It's worth keeping a couple e.g. attached to your bag, and waterproofs to make sure there's one accessible easily at any time. If you really need your whistle you might find that the one deep in your bag is now accompanying your bag as it falls down the cliff, or drifts down the river.smiley - wah Not as ludicrous as it sounds!

A whistle is also useful to keep on your keys in civilisation. Came in useful for a suprise PE cover lesson too!

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