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Dog Mother

When I was in England in 1997 I went to the David Hockney Museum. They had a lot of his pool paintings, and several of the polaroid pieces including a huge one of the Grand Canyon - it was fabulous. It really knocked you out. The next day when my friend and I visited Bolton Abbey with her children I experimented with the technique and made a small (10 photos) collage of the Abbey with her and the children in the composition. It's funny that I came across this entry today because I was just thinking about that collage last night! Now I want to mess around with the technique again, in bigger compositions, and I really want to see the Hockneys described in this entry using "layered time".

David Hockney Museum

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I don't think I've been to the Hockney museum, I first came across his photo work at an exhibition called "You Make The Picture!" which was brilliant, it had almost all of his major photo works in one place. If you'd like to read more about it, I highly recommend the Paul Joyce one if you can find a copy (and it includes all the pictures), since it's an interview with Hockney (or based on one at least), and so it includes a lot of his personal philosophy and ideas about it all.

David Hockney Museum

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Just to add to my last post, I did a Hockney-esque photocollage you might be interested in, which can be seen by clicking on the link I've added on my H2G2 space. Basically, I took the photos in such a way as to distort space and make it seem like the concave amphitheatre was convex. Tell me what you think.

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