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tip if you want good food and drink service in the US. Period. Regardless of the arguments concerning wages, it's a fact of American life. Here's a general, simplified guide:

This mainly concerns food and beverage areas, where it's most important. As a general rule, it is possible to get by not tipping in other situations, but in food and service, it's an absolute necessity.

If you order at the counter of a restaurant or food establishment, pick up the food at the counter, and clean up after yourself, you don't have to tip.

Tip your coffee shop burrista.

If you are at a sit down restaurant, 15% of ticket minimum is expected for good/friendly service. I generally start at 20 and work my way down as the service gets worse, go to 25 if it's exceptional. Unless I'm spit on and screamed at, I'll leave a 10% minimum.

When buying alcohol, always tip more than you think you should, always. There are a variety of strategies in bar tipping, the goal namely to get drinks quickly and strongly mixed for you. I tip with every drink. Minimum of 1 dollar, and it's polite to put it in the tip jar, the bartender will probably notice and appreciate not having to put it in there for you. If I'm drinking high quality liquor, I tip 2 a drink. Don't waste your money, always go back to the same bartender, eye contact is key people. Not rude eye contact, but enough to get his/her attention. Doing this, you'll get prompt and "strong" service by the end of the night.

These people have thankless jobs, do the right thing, and tip your server. smiley - biggrin

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It's pretty simple

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