A Conversation for Sex - An Introduction


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All right, I don't know where I should put this so if I'm putting it in the wrong place, I'm sorry.

Why is it that sometimes when a couple make love, even if it's more than once, the girl doesn't orgasm?


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I'm not really here

Because it's harder for women to orgasm than men through penetration because the bits that need to be stimulated are carefully positioned on the outside, not the inside.

While some women can orgasm through the g-spot (on the inside) or even no stimulation of the area at all, most women will need their clitoris stimulated properly and often for quite a while first. I've always found that the longer it takes to get there, the more powerful it is.

I've also found that many women have to 'learn' to orgasm (possibly through masturbation), unlike men who often find that they orgasm unexpectedly (especially the younger men), without even trying.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and I'm sure that someone else will be over with theirs some time. smiley - smiley


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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

"Why is it that sometimes when a couple make love, even if it's more than once, the girl doesn't orgasm?"

To add to Mina's very good opinion, sometimes madame just isn't "in the mood".

No matter how much she likes the lad, or how much time has been spent in working up to the act(s), sometimes things just don't click or she just isn't "in the mood" regardless of how much she tries.

A truly perceptive partner should be able to sense this and accomodate the lady appropriately. Or the lady should be on a level in her relationship that she can communicate her, um, difficulty and they can deescalate to cuddling.

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Being a male, I might not be 100% accurate, but...

In my experience, for a woman to reach an orgasm, you can't achieve it by doing the Missionary position for 15 minutes each Wednesday night.

Women are, to make it a bit more understandable for the simple male brain, a bit like tuning a car. Not that I'm any good with tuning cars. I can barely change spark-plugs, and even when trying to do so I'm more like to get electrocuted or entangled in all sorts of wires, tubes and strange metal gizmo's than actually achieving anything useful.

As was said above though, you have the clitoris and the g-spot, but those alone aren't the simple answer, nor the I-win button that will give your woman an orgasm. Women, unlike men, have a multitude of sensitive spots around their bodies. Some have sensitive necks, others have sensitive toes, like having their ears nibbled and so forth. Of course, paying attention to their clitoris or g-spot while exploring and finding these hidden and magic spots is always a plus!

For a woman to fully appreciate the act, and reach an orgasm, knowing what your woman likes, and paying attention to those spots by the means of touching, caressing, kissing and whatever else you might think of, is the way to "tune" her, and make her engine run smoother.

Women lack the advantage, or perhaps disadvantage, depending on who's perspective you view it from, to become overly aroused and experience an orgasm in a mere 5-15 minutes. They need attention to their desires, be it a gentle footmassage served with some loving words smiley - smooch, or a hard session of spanking accompanied by assorted words we rather not want our children to hear.

In short form, women needs attention on both an emotional level, as well as the physical. A woman who is not in the mood, will take alot longer to "tune" than one that is in the right mood. But then again, as all men know, women are mysterious creatures, and their moods and desires may swing from one day to the next, or even from one minute to the next, especially if you say the wrong words or pay attention to some spots where they much rather you didn't pay attention.

But as any car mechanic knowns, between all the well tuned engines, there are many hours of work, and even a few blown engines...

smiley - ok

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Its also worth remembering that foreplay can start hours before, maybe even when you wake up in the morning or before/during work. A simple remark or note(or email) saying something suggestive or complimentary early in the day can set a woman in the mood for hours. I think we men are generally a bit more spontaneously aroused.

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Cruentos Solum

Car Mechanic? Clitoris? G Spot? Sensitive Toes? Oh man...
What are you guys talking about?
There's something very important that's missing here. It's... love.
Love, is something entirely, but not quite, dissimilar to the love that people think it is. Love is a 'spiritual' connection with another human being. No words are necessary. From first eye contact, a woman 'Knows' that she will have an orgasm. It's not necessarily always the case, but that's another matter.
In order for a woman to have an orgasm, she needs to be 'connected' to her partner(s). She needs to be excited about the moment. She needs to feel like a baby on a beach being tickled by the waves or a fish being thrown back into the pond after an eternity outside of it. Women's 'home' is sex, that feeling of freedom from 'reality' where they can lose contact with their bodies altogether, not in the traditional sense but in the sense of having to service it and move it and so on. They just let themselves be free and their bodies take care of themselves, which is why women, when really excited, can move in very sporty ways despite their reputation for being lousy at sports.
The point is, this is all very complicated and unaccessible to anyone below the level of advanced God. But, being an advanced God, I know that there is no sight more beautiful, in the entire universe, than that of watching a woman as she obtains 'perfect' satisfaction from sex. She becomes like a puddle of butter in your hands and you know you want to please her more.smiley - bubbly

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Cruentos Solum

I have to explicitly state that the love that I talk about cannot, will never, and has never lasted for more than a few moments. It's not about the people, it's about reality. It's more linked to the environment, the clothing, the situation, the words, the looks, the communication, the body contact, the right things happening at the right time and it's very, very, very hard to make such things happen again with the same person twice. This is basically why people fall out of love. They 'feel' that magic in the beginning but have no clue about 'how' it has happened. They try in vain to hold on to it not knowing that there is nothing to hold on to, that it's just not going to happen again, not with the same person anyways. Not in the same way. So in order to really love, you shouldn't love someone. You should just love people. That's how women can obtain orgasms, by having a different partner. Having the same partner will almost inevitably make her lose her appetite in sex because the more she fails to attain that level of satisfaction, the more her brain takes it as a failure and a sign to 'stop trying'.
Women who are free ( do not get involved in long term relationships ) are statistically speaking more pleased sexually. I'm talking about the free women who have sex, of course:p

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Cruentos Solum

Oh great, now I have to state 'THIS' explicitly:
I'm not saying 'lose' your partner. I'm not promoting divorce and celibacy. I'm just explaining what's real, how things work, it's just nature's way of being nature and there is nothing we can do about it. Of course, our journey here doesn't allow all of us to adopt certain lifestyles so let's not take me as a reliable resource if you think that it's going to result in:
a. Your castration
b. Your eviction from a religion, family, country, society, job, building, ...
c. Your loss of a 'loved' one ( spouse, child, sibling, friend, ... )
d. Your mind
e. Your faith
g. Anything that you don't want, really... You are free to use your imagination here.
So, by and large, if you are not a sex God, don't bother yourself too much with sex. And if you are not a sex Goddess, don't force yourself. It all just sort of comes naturally.

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Cruentos Solum

And please, please, please, don't ever, EVER, EVER, compare your partner to a vehicle. Don't even think about your partner in that manner. When a vehicle doesn't want to start you change the starter motor, or fill up the fuel, or change the spark plugs...
You don't want to start fiddling with thoughts like changing the clitoris, or drugging a person without their consent, or replacing a penis, or installing nerve sensors in a breast, or ... Lots of porn directors have tried to explore the venue and most of what comes out of it is 'disgusting': large, weird, painful objects being inserted into all sorts of body parts, - ( the 'WRONG' body parts ), physically challenging positions, mentally twisting acts, verbally assaulting expressions, ... And I can assure you the pleasure that you see is 'FAKE'.
There is no substitute to the 'normal'. It's just the way it is. And it's just not normal to think of yourself or someone else as being something that they're not.


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"I've also found that many women have to 'learn' to orgasm"

I speak from embarrassing experience when I say this is true. Depending on how devoted a student you are, this can take anywhere from five days to a lifetime.


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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Right you are.

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