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It wasn't April Fools' Day, but the best stunt I ever saw pulled involved a chandelier which hung through several floors down the stair-well of a large hotel. A couple of guys in a room half way up inflated a whole load of condoms and tied them in a chain on a long thread. They came out of the room and set out on the staircase in opposite directions, one up, one down. After reaching the adjoining floor (so each had wrapped the chandelier once round with the thread) they threw the remaining condoms over the banister and took off up the corridors.
The whole thing took about ten seconds. There were flunkeys in the foyer, guests all over the place, and no-one saw how it was done. One moment all was normal, the next the full height of the hotel's centrepiece was festooned with (very inaccessible) condoms. It still looked very silly two days later when we left.
For about ten years, I've been looking for an opportunity to repeat this trick. Just to get near the panache of the original perpetrators would be exhilirating. Anyone out there up for it?
(Oh yeah, I fell for the Best April Fool Ever. And the one after it...)


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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

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I wonder if the BBC building is open on April 1st... smiley - winkeye


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It probably is this year.

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