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pranks for high-school students

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There is middle school in my area, the one that I went to myself, called Maple Grove Educational Centre. Two years ago, a couple of students (one of whom was the son of a teacher so they didn't get in trouble) made paper letters exactly the same size and the same shade of orange and the letters outside the school wich proclaimed it's name. On April 1, 1999, the hundreds of students and dozens of teachers who came to Maple Grove saw great orange letters wich read "Maple Grove Correctional Centre.
Another prank I've heard of is one where a student listed his school for sale in the newspaper. The school was described as a lavish two-story residence with multiple washrooms, theatre and entertainment room, tennis court, indoor pool and intercom throughout. The building was going for $500,000.

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pranks for high-school students

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#Wipes a tear of laughter from his eye# As a high school student I wish to thank you. I nearly burst out laughing while reading this and that generally isn't a good think while at a public internet centre but I thank you all the same. I read about that for sale prank elsewhere and it said that they'd also nicked a huge for sale sign and put it up infront of the school. If I get the chance I'll copycat the letters prank too. Has anyone here heard of the one where you replicate school stationery?..

pranks for high-school students

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im a high school student in the uk. at our school evry time our tutor takes the register, he reads out notices that have been put in by the register folder by other teachers. the other form tutors also read out notices that have been put in their registers. last year me and some of my friends made copys of the letters that are put in the registers which told some select students to go to the tallest tower in our school which is a one way staircase. in the next lesson after registration many of the teacher where wondering where half their students were- when infact they were all waiting,packed into the small classroom at the top of the oneway stairs! this is a perfect joke to play if you have some form of comunication to get to the students without the teachers realising what you have done. it causes absolute casos and everyone in the school were laughing there heads off when they realised what had been done, and the best part is we were never caught!

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