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Arpeggio - Keeper, Muse, Against Sequiturs, à propos of nothing in particular

Very clear, thorough, informative and well-written. I am truly impressed.smiley - ok

I have a question; perhaps you can clarify this for me. The way my male parent told it (he was born in 1911), Women's Suffrage activists called themseves 'Suffragists'. It was men, and paticularly the media, who change the ending to the diminutive, and demeaning '-ette'. Do you have info on this question? His history was usually quite accurate, and he was *no* feminist, and the story is credible, so I have always believed it to be true.

Truly a nice job. Thanks for sending me here. I learnt some things.
I *like* learning things. smiley - biggrin

Arpeggio, for LeKZ

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Seven of Nine [(1x52)-2-8]x1=42!

Thank you so much, Arpeggio.
Your information is correct.
They started out as "Women's suffrage" and it was the men/media who called them "Suffragettes".
That term has stuck, which is why I used it.
I do not consider the term "suffragette" demeaning, indeed it has a very special place in my heart.smiley - hug
I am honoured that you liked my entry and I am pleased that you learned some things.smiley - smiley

smiley - hug

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