A Conversation for Masculinity in the Movies

It's just critical

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always when someone ONLY judges and criticieze it;s easy to reduce it to absurdity. "you do better."

create some sort of entertaining fare that shows men and women working together in balance! fror that is your desire.

i have heard it said that those who can't do, judge.

does this sort of writing even BELONG in the guide? Does it take me anywhere or give me a frame of reference? or is it just basically a negative film review?

i, too, tire of chavanism and imbalance in the "modern" world.

i suggest a re-read of Eisler's "the chalice and the blade' whoch discuses masculine and patriarchal Dominator-model approaches to life in recorded history form ancient Crete to the modern day.

It's just critical

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

I suggest you reread the entry - it's not a film review, but an examination of how masculinity is represented in Western movies - observation, not critique.

As for whether it belongs in the Guide, well its author is one of the site Editors... smiley - smiley

It's just critical

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SashaQ - happysad

I enjoyed this Entry - good observation and analysis of key themes indeed.

I think such Entries are an asset to the Guide, but then again I'm an Editor these days, and I've written my own observational analysis Entry A87868192 so perhaps I'm biased too smiley - winkeye

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