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Very interesting stuff. Thanks, GB!

I'm not sure about "patently insane" as a description of Akhenaten in the Guide's introductory page for your articles though! He certainly was DIFFERENT in outlokk to his ancestors but then so was Jesus!

There's a big feature on Akhenaten, Nefertiti et al. with some speculation about intra-familial relationships (!) and Tutankhamun's parentage in the April 2001 "National Geographic" which also has some excellent illustrations of statuary and other art of the period.

Readers may also be interested to check out Philip Glass's musical interpretation of Akhenaten's reign in his opera of that name.


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Yes, I tried not to touch on that subject.
Not very tasteful, eh.
I know that Akhenaten married at least two of his daughters.
smiley - yuk
I didn't describe him as insane, that was the editor of h2g2!smiley - biggrin
I'm pleased you enjoyed my writings.
I would have loved to have done a piece on the actual embalming process, but it wasn't required.
I did touch on the subject in my Tutankhamun entry...
I'll look out for the "National Geographic" it sounds interesting!smiley - smiley
Thanks for your comments!


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Federo Caladasch

I'd rate Glass's opera (along with Adams's Nixon in China) as the greatest operatic work of the late 20th Century. It's a truly epic piece of music to which the term `minimalist' does no justice whatsoever. I greatly recommend it.

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