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Hedgehog v. Brock

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Pricklepin makes a most frightful noise when it is being chomped by a badger. A-yowling and a-screeching fit to waken the dead, and quite out of keeping with its miniscule size. Woken by such a dastardly crime one dark morning, I followed Brock's trail to where he settled down to eat his breakfast. There was pricklepin laid out - flat! - like wot a car had run over him ! But only the skin, which Brock had wisely rejected as being unsuitable to eat at that time of day, indeed any time of day. Come to think of it the skin would make a pretty good toothbrush for old iron-mouth.

Hedgehog v. Brock

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Gnomon - time to move on

Fascinating! We don't have the problem where I live because the badgers are too shy/sensible to come into the suburban gardens, although I've seen them killed on the roads nearby.smiley - sadface

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