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Lily [-2+1+0+(8*5)+3=42]

Another popular theme that I've noticed in dystopias is the defeat of the individual.True, this is most poignantly shown in 1984 with the shudder and the 'I love Big Brother.' However, the same theme is found in nearly every dystopia with few exceptions, such as Harrison Beregen where Harrison and the ballerina are killed, but still maintain their ideals.

The idea of a rebellian against the status quo and defeat is the most resounding pattern, that I've found. I've taken it so far as to read a book through a second time just to pinpoint the exact moment of defeat.

Oh, and you're missing a rather important dystopia that was once ranked with 1984 and Brave New World as the three greatest (and not inside its own cover, but rather in 1984's), We by Y. Zamyatin.


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