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Released on parole

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Ngawang Sangdrol was released from prison on parole on 17 October, 2002. Her release was timed to coincide with a visit to Washington by Chinese President, Zhiang Zemin. Regardless of the motivation the Chinese authorities may have had for releasing her, the fact that she is free - at least to the extent that she is no longer behind bars - is, of course, welcome.

On the other hand, Ngawang Sangdrol is now in very poor health. She is said to be confined to bed, and is being cared for by her sister in Lhasa. Although still a young woman, her health has been ruined by years of imprisonment and the cruelty of her captors.

At the age of 25 most young women are entitled to feel that their lives are just beginning, whether that means embarking on a career or starting a family. Ngawang Sangdrol now lies broken and demoralized in her sisters home with very little hope for the future. It's worth reminding ourselves that her only 'crime' was believing in real freedom and having the courage to say so.


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