A Conversation for French Music (1870 - 1945)


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Seth of Rabi

Camille Saint-Saens dates are 1835-1921

I'm not sure about the Franck/d'Indy comments. The 'frigid technician' accusation was directed at all sorts of people (especially Saint-Saens) and often unfairly I think. The real question is why during the Romantic period did the French establishment discourage home-grown composers from writing anything but comic opera. Was it self-doubt, self-interest or just plain philistinism? It was this that changed (temporarily) after the Commune, but a great chance had been missed and the composers of our study period were probably marginalised because of it.

I have the bare bones of an intro that explores this. How do I post it?

If you are short of biographies, I have some very good source material, but most of it is in French!!


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If you post it in this conversation, I'll copy it into the draft article - I've already put up the heading for it. Yes - good point about the active discouragement ... we should explain that in the article.

OK - if we can't find bio material in English, I can translate from the French - no worries - just a matter of it taking a bit more time. Hang on to the references for now. I'm still hoping people will volunteer to do some of the bios ...


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I've started a thread where all contributors can comment on the main Entry. Please bookmark it, and use the thread - atm we're spread around about 6 conversations! :-) Thread is: http://www.h2g2.com/F62205?thread=98485&post=819583

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