A Conversation for Tips for Drivers in Devon, UK

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I learnt to drive on roads like these - fantastic smiley - smiley

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Soapylou, Logic Skipper, (Zaphodista)

I spent the last 10 years of my life in Devon. Admittedly I took quite a while to learn to drive as could'nt afford driving lessons so they were few and far between but it ment that i drove through every kind of weather and occourence imaginable in Devon lanes, the best thing about learning to drive in East Devon especially is that you really learn about hill starts and you never forget to put the handbrake on. I think the funniest thing i've seen in Devon is when the Grockles (tourists) try to navigate or turn round. The best one I ever saw was at the ford in Sidmouth. In summer this is only a few inches deep but is obviously a ford not least because of all the signs, one car load of grockles actually turned up into the ford and started to drive up the river thinking it was a road that was just flooded.. inthe middle of a summer drought!?

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C Hawke

On the original article (before I found it way, unloved and forgoten, scouted it, reconmended it etc) here; http://www.h2g2.com/F30597?thread=88667 You'll find more advice etc, it's a shame those discussions aren't moved to the edited entry as well. CH

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Coming from just over the border in West Somerset, remember these type of lanes. My favourites were the ones that were so narrow and infrequently used, that they had a stripe of moss growing down the middle of the road!

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Researcher Rogue

Hey!! I live on one of those!!

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People still occasionally try to turn into the river at Sidmouth ford (which is an almost-literal stone's throw from where I sit now). It's even worse if they turn downstream - the river promptly disappears over a weir. The council or the Environment Agency now puts posts up either side of the 'roadway' during the season.

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