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Grockle bites back

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C Hawke

Well a quiet afternoon, flat cleaned so I at last starting the biking in Devon entry.

I will add to it in quiet moments then probably totally re-write it after my afternoon with the police on a (free) Bike Safe afternoon - free advice and tips from people, who we may not like all the time, certainly know a lot about biking.

Oh nearly forgot the link


Any additions you can think of?


just thought I'd change the header ;-)

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Sorry this took me so long to get to (check your e-mail)
Nice entry - there's a few typos that I'm sure you can find without my help - you probably just put them there to make sure I was paying attention...

The only other useful thing I can think of is to include some info on the biker friendliness (is that a real word?) of local police, pubs, etc. I'm not sure what it's like for locals but as tourists we didn't really have any problems, even then there was 7 or 8 bikes together. A couple of campsites were less than keen (so we found one that was), the pubs we tried didn't kick us out once (a very strange phenomenon for us Essex lot) and we didn't get pulled by the police once (again, an unusual phenomenon)

Another thing - Devon tourist attractions have always seemed very biker friendly, offering to look after lids and stuff - the same sort of places in 'another national park area that shall remain nameless' treated us like we'd just crawled out from under a rock or something - following us round like we were going to rape & pillage or something.

And a nice like for the Dartmoor entry when I get a round tuit.

smiley - smiley

just thought I'd change the header ;-)

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C Hawke

Cheers, will add these (check your mail too - normal address as well as new one)

I'm not sure Devon is biker friendly, just simply friendly, the very laid back attitude seems to give everyone an open mind or certainly those working in the tourist trade or hostelries.




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So finally, Uni project finished. Want to write more!

So shall I start on a Dartmoor entry? OK, I know i'm not local, but from a visitors point of view I feel like the place is more home than home (if you get my drift) so I want to write about my favourite place in the country/planet/universe, but I don't feel it would be right not to have a fair amount of input from you folks that live around there.

My basic ideas for the entry so far - pasted straight from my notes so apologies if it's rough.

A bit about the history, how it came to be
Stone monuments/huts circles/Merrivale
Places to walk/climb/pony trek
Places to stay/eat/drink
Becky Falls
Lydford Gorge
National Park Authority/Tourist info places
Employment/industry/farming concerns
ponies/sheep/livestock general

If you have anything you feel I have missed out/is irrelevant/plain stupid, please let me know. If you'd like to write a paragraph or ten, feel free, the more, the better.

In the meantime, i'll write about the bits I really know well, get them in an entry an stick a link up for you to comment on.

smiley - cheers


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Scrub that. Had a better idea. Once I started writing it looked pretty clear that much of my waffle referred to the national parks in genteral, so I've decided to write that one up first and I'll do the Dartmoor one after.
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Otter - Itinerant maggot drowner and guardian of the machine that goes BING!

Perhaps an entry on the ghosties 'n' ghoulies that are associated with dartmoor. Hairy hands anyone? ( stop that you'll go blind! ). smiley - peacesignsmiley - biggrin Otter.


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Good idea, there's plenty of enough folklore to withstand a few lines.

The national Parks entry is nearly finished, so I should get back to this soon.
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Devon Roads

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Machine Wrapped With Butter

Never mind about the tourists; what about the lorry drivers? I am always amazed at the number of lorries on our tiny A roads, especially when there's an alternative! Tractors are also irritating, but farmers don't have much choice really.

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