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The Brownie Guides were formed in 1914 and were originally called Rosebuds. Not many of the girls liked this name so Lord Baden-Powell changed their name to Brownies.

The Brownies are open to girls between the ages of seven and ten. They meet in packs and are divided into groups called Sixes, who have names like Elves, Gnomes and Pixies, or are named after woodland animals. Each Six has a Sixer - usually the oldest or most experienced Brownie in that Six - and a Second to help her.

The adult leader of a Brownie pack is sometimes known as Brown Owl. There are also Young Leaders, helpers and Guides from the local unit, who are given names of the Brownies choice.


The Brownie uniform had yet another makeover in september 2002, to make it far more comfortable, practical... and fashionable! Girls are able to choose from a mix'n'match range that features:

  • hooded jackets
  • boot cut leggings
  • gilets
  • t-shirts
  • skorts (shorts with a flat front like a skirt)

Their badges are worn on an over-the-shoulder sash or a gilet.


When a Brownie makes the Promise, she is given a yellow trefoil Promise badge to pin on her badge sash/gilet. The other badges a Brownie would have on her sash/gilet are the pack name, the County badge, the Six badge (with Sixer or Second badge if appropriate), and Interest badges.

Interest badges cover a wide variety of topics, from Artist to First Aid, Downhill Skiing to Computing. Although a certain level of competence must be achieved, the most important part is the effort the girls put in.

The Programme, the Promise, and the Law

When girls first join Brownies they are given a little book called 'Becoming a Brownie'. This explains the Promise and the Law and has lots of activities for a new Brownie to do, which helps her get to know her Pack and Six as well as her Law and Promise.

Once a girl has made her Promsie she will then be given a handbook. If the Brownie is aged between 7 - 8 she will be given the 'Brownie Adventure handbook' and if the Brownie is aged between 9-10 she will be given the 'Brownies Adventure On' handbook. The difference between the two is that the activities in the books are aimed at that particular age group. The 'Brownies Adventure On' handbook also has a section on Guides.

The Brownie Guide Promise is:
I Promise that I will do my best, to love my God, to serve the Queen and my country, to help other people, and to keep the Brownie Guide Law.

The Brownie Guide Law is:

A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a Good Turn every day.


Brownies usually meet once a week during term time. At the meeting they work towards badges, practice art, crafts and cookery, sing and play games. They might meet up with another pack or Guide group for a bigger project, such as fundraising events.

There are also 'adventure days', where all the packs in a District meet up for a fun day, but the highlight of each year is the holiday or camp. This is sometimes the girls' first holiday without parents around, so it is quite an event.

More Information

At the age of ten, it's time for the big move up to the Guides.

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