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The Rainbow Guides were first formed in 1987 and are the newest and youngest section of the Guiding family. Girls aged five to seven can join, or from age four in Northern Ireland. Some girls do stay in Rainbows for a little longer though.

They meet in units of between five and 18 girls and the unit is usually given a name like Robins or Bunnies.


Rainbows wear a mix and match uniform which can be a combination of any of the following; hooded jacket, jog pants, polo shirt, cycle shorts, baseball cap and tabard.


Rainbows only have a few badges, their promise badge (a pale blue trefoil) is worn on the right side of their chest. If the unit has a name tag this is worn on the right shoulder and any challenge badges the girls have, are either worn on the pocket of the girls tabard or at the bottom of their Rainbow tops

The Programme and the Promise

The Rainbow programme is called Rainbow Jigsaw and covers the following 4 areas:-

  • Rainbows Look
  • Helps the girls to take a look at the wider world about them.

  • Rainbows Learn
  • Encourages learning through fun activites.

  • Rainbows Laugh
  • Teaches the girls, games, songs and how to enjoy parties and celebrations.

  • Rainbows Love

Gives Rainbows a better understanding of love and helping others, promotes in particular understanding of the Promise.

The Rainbow Jigsaw is full of exciting and fun activities to help girls realise their full potental, as they journey through the Rainbow section.

I promise that I will do my best, to love my God and to be kind and helpful.


Rainbows usually meet once a week and take part in many activities that help build self-confidence and team spirit, like singing, dancing and playing games. Crafts are also encouraged, some examples would be; decorating biscuits, making lavender bags, painting and making bookmarks.

Visitors are invited to speak to the girls, so for example, a representative from the local police might speak about the dangers of talking to strangers or road safety, local animal rescue groups might talk about how to care properly for pets, or a dental hygienist might explain about proper tooth care.

They also have regular outings. Depending on local availability, they might visit a farm, a museum or the theatre. There are also meet-ups with other Rainbows, Brownies and Guides for special events like Thinking Day or Remembrance Sunday. And they can also take part in a sleepover, where they will be away from home for one night, with other Rainbows

More Information

For all this fun, come the age of seven the girls are introduced, gently, to Brownies.

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