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A Persian Rug

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I think Somerset Maugham in his book "Of Human Bondage" gave some very beautiful similes. One was comparing life to a Persian rug. The remarkable blessing that this amalgum known as English
allows us is to stand back and view the beautiful tapestry of culture afforded us by the people who use this language. The dialects with their accents all add to the body of the culture a rich variety
that blend to become the region or city or even neighborhood that you live in. The people bearing these fascinating variations are all trying to get along, for the most part, and fit into what ever being a
good, responsible, and prodctive citizen means. This stretches all over the world where English is the predominant, if not the official language. Please excuse me for being provincial, but with English,
the American inscription on its Great Seal of "E Pluribus Unum" pretty well goes for every country that uses English.

Yes, like John Cleese noted, we in America did "pinch" your language, and you should be quite thankful to Providence (not Rhode Island) that we did, instead of choosing to go with German. I really love all the dialects and accents in English found all over the world. "Brummys" give the world as rich a flavor as the "mountain williams" found in the Ozarks; the black dialect from Harlem, NY
to Oakland, CA; the flat "nasal" accent of Bostonians; the pigeon accent of the Hawaiians; the melodious accent of the Indian (from India); the lilting resonant accent of the Jamaican; the dry sharp accent of the American Indian; and the loquacious accent of the Oxford Don. This is all a wonderful, lovely brew of English, and I quaff it deeply. Thanks. smiley - smiley

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