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there seems to be some confusion in this article about whether you are refering to the Brummie "Dialect" or "Accent"

They are VERY different, I doubt if anyone today actually speaks "Dialect". When I was a child my father had an old friend who genuinely spoke "Dialect" and I could never understand a word he said!

In dialect there were numerous words not used in "Standard" English, and the sentence construction was totally different, accent is something completely different.

The only part of dialect which still exists in present-day "Brummie" is the transposing of the words "Us" and "We" as in "Am yow cummin up the Cut wi' we?" ("Are you coming to the canal with us?")

Another typical expression would be "Yow cor tork proper, yow wuz drugged up!" ("You are unable to communicate verbally, because you were not raised correctly")

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Brummie Accent

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