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This article is very badly researched. It mixes up brummie and black country accents and dialect and in no way reflects reality. It's just rubbish!

Sorry, but I felt I needed to say that.smiley - tea


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I actually signed up especially because of this article, just like a few others by the looks of it. I can't believe how badly researched this article is either. it's the stereotypical brummie accent rather than the 'real' brummie accent. he even mentions that people from the black country "beg to differ" in his words and yet he completely dismisses that.

To the OP of this article, you failed to realise that the accent you're trying to teach everyone is closer to a black country accent, rahter than true brummie accent. what you claim to be a "heavy" or strong brummie,is quite blatantly black country slang, like 'yow am' and 'ar' instead of yes. it's the reason they're nicknamed yam yams.

you'd get the impression that everyone that lives in birmingham sounds like that, but that's far from the truth. i have cousins that live in the Winson Green area of birmingham(that's pretty much close to the city centre} and I guarantee that if you heard them speak, you would fail to guess they were actually from birmingham, yet how more brummie can you be? Winson Green is slap-bang in the middle of birmingham.. lol


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Very True.

Black Country folk have a totally different way of talking to Brummies. Different accents on vowels & sometimes unique collocial words.
For example:

"'Ow Bist Thee?" - How are you?
"I bay gooin dahn" - I'm not going down

And the local accent can be a bit grating. It does sound like we're all permanently miserable.
Although if you had to put up with Dudley Council, the roads of Dudley & the Chavs with bad music taste, you'd get miserable pretty fast!! smiley - magic

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