A Conversation for Items to Take with You when Visiting Friends Abroad


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Wand'rin star

I spent nearly 20 years teaching in various African countries.
From there I miss
Injera & wat (national dish of Ethiopia)
Cheap champagne
Creme caramele (the only desert available in most out of town hotels/restaurants)
The way 20 people appear from nowhere to help you dig your car out the mud
Rock shandies (non-alcoholic) and fried locusts from Malawi
Sunset over the mountains and thunderstorms racing round the valley in Lesotho
The bread that my housekeeper there made and fresh(unpasteurised) milk
Fruit and wonderful small doughnuts(beignees) in Cameroon
Everywhere outside the big cities,friendliness and fun.(Sometimes in the cities too)
What I missed while there
Marmite(of course)
Cooking apples (although it was possible to substitute green mangoes)smiley - star


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Is mise Duncan

Although the internet has made things different 5these days, I missed decent television - such that Richard's occaisional videos were very welcome smiley - winkeye

South Africa

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The lovely Heidi came to work in England from home in PMB. I discovered the one kind thing you can do for a SedEfrikkan who is away from home is to send her biltong (the native preserved meat). You will have a friend forever.

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