A Conversation for Items to Take with You when Visiting Friends Abroad


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That was when I really found out what I missed. We had everything one day and then nothing the next when the rest of the world applied sanctions and we hadn't yet started to manufacture our own variety. I'm talking about Rhodesia under UDI of course. The things I missed most were Marmite, HP sauce and kitkats. These days I don't eat the latter on account of them being made by that pariah of the World Health Org - Nestlé.


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I can understand all about the Marmite deficiency. Whenever my Mum comes back to the UK from her new home in Canada, she always buys a huge pot of the stuff. Funny, I can never remember her eating much of it when she lived in the UK.

Apparently the same syndrome applies with marmalade, but I have insufficient data at this point in time.

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