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A most useful tool

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Bring a roll of gaffers tape. It may sound like a joke but it isn't. I try to keep at least a small roll with me when I travel, and it comes in handy very often.

A most useful tool

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Coming to England in the late 70s from Africa, I noticed several useful things were missing. One of the most useful was something called "plastic putty" made by "trinepon" a "trinidad lake product" as I recall. It was brilliant stuff. You could mix two sets of putty together and get setting substance that was hard but could be filed and sanded. Nothing appeared like it on the English market until recently. The other similar products were all too slimy or watery. Never mind. 30yrs late is better than never.

A most useful tool

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Talith (who got bored of being Caroo and thought new h2g2, new name)

Milliput has been around for years (as long as I can remember). Maybe you've just been going to the wrong shops smiley - sadface

2 part epoxy putty that will set under water, is heat resistant and can be sawn, filed, sanded, painted and glued. It even comes in different grades depending on what you want to use it on, from 'terracotta' up to 'white' (for repairing porcelain and china).

Great for modelling too.


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A most useful tool

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