A Conversation for 'Kubla Khan' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

Isnt that the guy who wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?


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Yup. Loads of poems. 'Frost at Midnight' is magical, in a different way - the beginning, where he watches his young child asleep is beautiful.


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Jimi X

Though isn't it weird that Cooleridge had two rock songs based on his works...

Iron Maiden's Rime of the Ancient Mariner


Rush's Xanadu

smiley - cool


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A psychotic, schizophrenic retard who finished off the poem Kubla Khan - and is still adding to it, the thoughtless git - has done an ending to it to some serious praise. What about the poor school kids that may one day have to study it? Haven't they got enough problems learning the original 54 lines without this maniac adding to their woes? ..... God bless the bastard from Porlock who interupted STC. If you are the masochistic twisted type who finds such works appealing go to VIMEO, then Kubla Khan Complete. (S.T. Coleridges other unfinished fragment "The Dark Ladie" has also been finished. Is nothing sacred?)

The suggested ending to this masterpiece of English literature has unfortunately received the highest praises ie - The Right Hoinourable The Lord William Coleridge - President of "The Friends of Coleridge" academic group - has fully endorsed the conclusion, HRH Prince Charles has described it as "poetic fruit" and Maryam Mafi - a published translator of the works of Julalladin Rumi - has written that it is "Quite amazing."

I happen to know the author after having to suffer the same space as him these last 43 years. The angst, the drama, the skiving off to "contact his soul" - no doubt with half a bottle of nitro-methane methanol mixed with a few more potent substances which are brewed overnight in a fume cuboard.... Take it from me he is a git....
No I'm Not!...
Yes you are!!...
It's you who is the git!....
Sod off schizo.
It's you who's the schizo.
Why do you always have to argue?
I'm not arguing.
Look there you go again....

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