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Chestnut Muzzy

Nice work! I often wondered why they just disappeared. They were the smartest dudes in the business, taking the phrase, "Cashing in On Christmas" to a whole new level (Just put some jingles and bells to ANY record to Christmas-ize it.
Incidentaly, I saw Jay Kay on TV on telly a while back, and he slated SAW, saying they "contributed nothing whatsoever towards music". Cocky little funkster deserves a slap for that comment. Did he never hear Rick Astleys "Never Gonna Give You Up" or what?

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The difference between their production line pop inspiration, Tamla Motown and SAW is that the former sounded full of the sheer joy of life - real musicians and great singers - whereas SAW songs sounded like they were written by a computer.

The revisionist opinion that SAW were actually great is based on a handful of records when they did, indeed, capture the late 80s zeitgeist - Mel & Kim, Astley, Dead or Alive, Kylie. The other 90% were formalaic and crass.

I do quite respect Pete Waterman because he never lets his own rather good taste get in the way of flogging trash to Tracys. It might be great business, but it ain't great music.

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