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Some questions of ethics

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Is it ethical, is it right, is it even justifiable, that education is compulsory? That youth is wasted away in the classroom, that children are treated as lesser than other people closer to death, even as sub humans? Is it right that people don't have the right to vote on matters that affect their lives directly and with no small consequence until they are 18 or drink alcohol until they are 21? Is it right that a new driver who is younger than 18 can't drive with his/her friends alone for 6 months, or between midnight and 5am, when an 18 year old with conceivable less experience can? Is it right that there is censorship; that the 1st amendment is treated as less important than the 2nd? And is it right that America continues to call itself the leader of the free world, when its own citizens are not free?

Some questions of ethics

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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

PErhaps hard to read but I will give my answers, and for a few basic reasons.
1) Yes, to a certain extent as otherwise people cannot follow ethics
2)I think voting ages should be lowered but no lower than 15.
3)It makes no sense to be able to vote but not drink - they should be matched as voting is more important than drinking.
4)New driver rules should be enforced for all new drivers
5)Censorship is required ass otherwise it can breach other peoples rights - 2nd amendment is overused as certain parts of it are nearly ignored
6)many people would decry America calling itself leader of the free world - particurly with things such as Gunatanomo bay

Some questions of ethics

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ol don one

We need experience in all things to do them correctly.


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Some questions of ethics

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