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Theme music - a send-up of Hawkwind?

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Reading the full lyrics of "Fun in the Sun" (as the credits roll past, you only ever get to hear half the song), a thought occurs.

At one point or another, Red Dwarf spoofs most Sc-Fi series from "Thunderbirds" to "Star Trek".

I'm wondering if Howard Goodall has lstened to some of Hawkwind's gloomier and more suicidal space-opera music, and chosen to send up their lyrical style here.

Where "Spirit of the Age" or "Sonic Attack" are depressive to the point of suicide, Goodall uses exactly the same sort of lyrics to create something up-beat to the point of being manic... the two final verses of "Fun in the Sun" are oddly reminiscent of Hawkwind's "Spirit of the Age" in which the narrator bemoans his lowly clone status and looks for escape.

Listen and see what you think?

Theme music - a send-up of Hawkwind?

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

It's possible - have you been watching his 'How Music Works' series? He covers a staggering breadth of genres.

Theme music - a send-up of Hawkwind?

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'tis a good theme song though.

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