A Conversation for Kissing

Some like it different

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Matt W

some animals do it differently...

Some like it different

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which animals do it differently? does a kiss have to come from the lips?

Some like it different

Post 3

Matt W

ahh, a very good question...

Some like it different

Post 4


I suppose that would depend on your definition of the word "kiss." According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a kiss can be defined as:

1 : a caress with the lips
2 : a gentle touch or contact
3 a : a small drop cookie made of meringue b : a bite-size piece of candy often wrapped in paper or foil
4 : an expression of affection

So if you go with definition 2 and 4 it doesn’t necessarily require contact with the lips.

Some like it different

Post 5


what about 3 huh? how do turtle's do it? wait thats off the subject.

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