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Complaints about 'Moncole Night'

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smiley - starHad any extraordinary dreams on 11 July 2006's fullmoon? I have. I dreamt that I could tranform myself into a dragon & fly! Cool, huh?smiley - fullmoon

Have you seen the Anime called Moncole Knight? It has so many mistakes about legendary animals. Examples are:

(1) Ogopogo - Just like its Native American Indian's name (which means 'big snake in river'), the Ogopogo is an enormous snake-like creature that lives in rivers where the Indians dwell nearby. It is peaceful unless provoked, an the Indians respect it.
YET, in the Anime, Ogopogo was portrayed as a giant man-eating fish that lives in the sea! STUPID!

(2) Quetzalcoatl - The kind & helpful creature (which in my theory is a dragon) that warns the ancient Mayan & Aztec people of incoming famine or war and imparts them with great knowledge. Quetzalcoatl means 'feathered serpents', & is almost always portrayed as a snake with eagle's wings & talons. Sometimes it is portrayed as a winged priest.
YET, in the Anime, Quetzalcoatl was called 'Kato' & portrayed as a giant, evil serpent with bat's wings & an apetite for the souls of sacrificial victims! MORONS!

(3) Ouroborous - Everyone knows the Ouroborous, the symbol of infinity & eternity, a sign of Nature's life cycle, & the image of Life, Death & Renewal. In the Anime, the Ouroborous' infinity symbol is the very image of Evil & Darkness. IMBECILES!

(4) Others - There're several dozens more mistakes in this Anime. You have to see them yourselves.

smiley - starOh, & any information about the Celestial Ouroborous?smiley - fullmoon

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Complaints about 'Moncole Night'

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