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The mysterious North

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I hear that in the DPRK (North Korea), that the common folk get kimchee once a year. They make it from the glorious peoples' cabbage ration they receive anually as a gift from the Dear Leader, Son of the Eternal President and Great Leader, and Great General Kim Jong Il. For the rest of the year, the happy workers of the glorious People's Democratic Republic of Korea are privledged to engage in the collectivist people's endeavor of foraging in the woods for glorious semi-edible herbs for the motherland, which, of course would not exist but for the eternal great leader, founder of the Juche Idea, Kim Il Sung.

Please visit http://www.nk-news.net/index.php for more hillarity. This is a site which acts as a searchable database of the KCNA (Korea Central News Agency) and includes such features as the STALIN Search Engine, the KCNA Random Insult Generator and a conversion tool between the standard AD/CE years and the Juche Calandar (year zero=Kim Il Sung's birth). If you prefer, go straight to the source at http://www.kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm.

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The mysterious North

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