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Deus Ex Invisible War - What Happened?

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Truly Deus Ex is the most awesome game I have ever played and I'm still playing it today. You can become any type of infiltrator and in addition there are several other methods of phyiscal enhancement within the game. Plus value for money its now about 4.99

The sequal Deus Ex Invisible War has some how managed to remove some of the more enjoyable aspects from the game plus requires a better type of graphics card. Elements and storyline are missing, and the Invisible War seems empty compaired to the original. Does anyone know what happened? Did they sack someone close to the original? Did they not want to (have to) make a third Deus Ex? Even the menus lack choice,this should have been an enhancement/upgrade/add on to Deus Ex whilst we waited for the person responcible for the first one to come back from holiday.


Deus Ex Invisible War - What Happened?

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I agree with you here. i played Deus Ex a couple of years ago and have never gotten bored of it, invisible war howerver was a different ball-game from my point of view. it lost that special valuse that was so obvious throughout Deus Ex. i can't quite put it into words, maybe its the story line as, in my opinion, the original had so much bearing upon reality that it was almost disturbing to play because you worry 'what if it actually happened?'. the world seems to be on a slippery slope already with the rise of multinationals and the consolidation of military power, the dependance of our world upon money and greed that proliferates in the ranks of the powerful. Anyway, back to the game, it seemed it actually left you at the end thinking 'did i make the right choice, what will the world be like in a year, 5 years...' it takes at least 10 minutes to think, 'its only a game' and do the other endings. Invisible war had none of this, apart from a few extra weapons (by the way i hated this 'universal ammo' concept) and a nice new choice of biomods, it offered nothing new of value. to me, like you, an enhancement/expansion pack would have been a far better choice for the makers.


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Deus Ex Invisible War - What Happened?

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