A Conversation for Hypatia of Alexandria

Archimedes Screw

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Whilst Archimedes may have invented 'Archimedes Screw' in 3BC there is conjecture that a screw lift was used in the irrigation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the 5th or 6th century BC smiley - smiley

my mother was right ~ there's nothing new in the world smiley - winkeye

Archimedes Screw

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lol smiley - smiley I guess Archimedes did well having it named after himself, then...

Archimedes Screw

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Joe aka Arnia, Muse, Keeper, MathEd, Guru and Zen Cook (business is booming)

Pythagorus (all hail the second biggest egotist in mathematics!) did the same with all his student's work smiley - smiley (excepting the irrationals of course) smiley - winkeye

Archimedes Screw

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Researcher 170889

Wow, I saw this entry under Hypatia and eagerly clicked on it thinking I was going to get a tabloid tittillation of hi-hinks amongst the intelligentsia of yore. Rats! foiled again. (Although the tale of Hypatia's Christian finish was nearly as enjoyable...

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