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Looking Westward

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Elli Daire

"Vancouverites tend to look westward, to the sea, and ignore the rest of Canada most of the time."

It has often occurred to me that it would make much more sense to draw a vertical line at the Rockies rather than a horizontal one between Washington and B.C. The Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, B.C. and Alaska) should be its own country. I've lived my whole life on the west coast from California (which they can keep) to Juneau, and West Coasters have much more in common with each other - who cares about back east? Let the rest of North America take care of itself.

--Capt. Rancid posting with Elli Daire

Looking Westward

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Not a new idea but a good one.


Of course the capital would have to be on Vancouver Island or we'd split that off!
smiley - laugh

Looking Westward

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Most canadians from the west think that rest of canada is full of retards that need us to run the place. Most of us can't stand the french, with the constant complants. They do nothing for us but bring us down and make life easy for them. Of couse the weast wants to get rid of the east. but we need one and other... for some reason that i can't seem to figre out.

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