A Conversation for Meteors, Meteorites and Meteor Showers


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Deus ex Machina {trying to keep in shapes}

you've found the shrubbery!

If you have absolutely no idea what this means, then you've come to the wrong place.

If you know what I'm talking about, leave your name here and wait for the prize!

smiley - eurekaDeus Ex Machina


Post 2

Jimi X

It's very nice, but I'm sure it would look better with a path...

smiley - winkeye


Post 3

Deus ex Machina {trying to keep in shapes}

Yeah, I know. Next time I will, it's just the fact that there's not enough time...


Post 4

Cat-Eyes: No..... why.... ?

Yay, I found out what the shruberry was AND I found it smiley - biggrin!!!!!

smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin

Catsmiley - blackcat {not discombobulated now smiley - tongueout}


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Deus ex Machina {trying to keep in shapes}

Congratulations! Your prize is... the honour of becoming an Upper Class Twit!!!! This entitles you to all the perks that being a UCT has, including special recognition throughout the society!!!!!!!

smiley - eurekaDeus


Post 6

Cat-Eyes: No..... why.... ?

Who won?

Now I'm just a bored Cat...what can I do?...hmmmmmmmmm...

Catsmiley - blackcat


Post 7

Doc U

Do you realize that anyone can find this thread by searching the forums for "shrubbery," regardless of whether they follow the clue or not?

Uh . . . I mean . . . I found the shrubbery . . . [shifty-eyed glance]


Post 8

Cat-Eyes: No..... why.... ?

At least I searched for meteors and got it. I mean, yeah, it took me all of like a minute to find it, I just searched for meteors and picked the first one.

But at least I followed the clue!!


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