A Conversation for Wheelie Bins


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Yeliab {h2g2as}

Liverpool has Purple wheelie bins, wow there bright.


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The Moderately Strange Cornice

I don't think the peurple wheelie bins are too bad. However, it would appear that many people in the city don't like them, and have complained to the council about it. One has to ask if these people actually have any important problems to complain about? Or is this really the most important issue in their lives?


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Researcher 239890

PURPLE is quite the IN color now.
Here in Mansfield we have green bins but to make our lives more difficult we are to have a blue bin as well.
The idea is to make us recycle our rubbish, which is acceptable,but the two bins are going to take up some room, and you only put one bin out a week.
I have just purchased a wheelie bin cover with two toned ivy on it. It does a good camoflauge job next to my ivy covered wall. My neighbour went to put the bins out and couldn't see mine she thought it had been stolen. I will have to buy another cover for the blue bin now, although it won't look as convincing.
Maybe Manchester will have a two bin system and you can have a LILAC one as well!!!


Post 4

Yeliab {h2g2as}

I'm really thinking that there should be a national 'Bin Art' exhibition where everyone can paint and decorate their bins and then display them for all to see.

On the recycling side I really want that where I live, both Cheltenham and Southampton but so far they don't. It would be soo great to cut down on the crap we throw away.

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