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The first thing I remember was being born into a house filled with candles andDark shadows, Munsters and Addams Family being played. Mum hated it when I was old enough to read and most of what I read was ghost stories and vampire material. I loved black, I had candle lamps all over and she kept telling me Satan was going to take over my mind. She tried to get church ministers to help, but obviously that failed.

I hit high school age and in art class drew haunted house portraits, made skulls and managed to check out a few cemeteries and abandoned houses (I still have a glass doorknob from the first mansion I got into). When I got older I got into music by Nightwish, Midnight Syndicate, Quiet Riot and a bunch of others. Among the many cars and trucks I've had here and thee were four hearses, two of which I still have, and among my collectibles were two steel caskets, refurbed into couches.

Mum decided to disown me from the family for being the oddball, but that was fine, she would have hated the chokers, long overcoats, and black clothes I wore.

I discovered that there was a thing called Goth AFTER I had done all of this on my own. I was told I would be an outcast and I was looked at like a freak in public anyhow, so I put up my middle finger and did what I wanted to do, not what Joe Average thought he had to do to kiss society in the trunk. Oh yeah, I've heard it all, Satan has my mind, I'm too old to act that immature, grow up, mental illness,childish, blah blah. smiley - wah!! I live for me. Love me, hate me, it's all the same, let them live by their little "rules," because the society we live in doesn't even know who made those rules.

Am I sick? Well, goths don't start wars, and UI kept my knickers on so I have no unwanted kids, just the ones I meant to have. I dont bother anyone and however they choose to live is their business.

I'm having fun, I'm being me, and for the moms and dads who look at me and shake their heads in disgust, again I saysmiley - wahsmiley - wah!!

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Goth is Awesome

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