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okay seems logical - oops

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Oops because 'logical' would in some oppinions be decidedly Not-Goth. Though I have to admit before reading this I didnt realise that I am Goth. ...But only because I say that I am and yeh I do seem to fit in with most of what's being said here. But....

....Regarding the unusual way of dancing? What? You're joking right? You must be. Though I guess if one was making a point of dancing in a way that was to be decidedly not as anyone else was doing It would probably suffice (i'm laughing right now). ...and 'shock horror' not a single reference to pogo-ing.

Regarding beliefs: I did earlier in life become a christian. I got baptised and everything. I've since bloomed somewhat spiritually and have totally denounced the whole notion of being taught religion. Beliefs to me should be ones own. It is up to the individual to discover thier own truths without being swayed by popular oppinion or manipulative cultures. Personally I am very strongly spiritual and emotions are very important to me (I am affected by the emotions of others) so I would disagree with your guideline that says Goths are 'un-emotional'. Though of course its possible that some people may appear unemotional on the outside. Just my oppinion, and you're entitled to yours. But there is one rule (in my oppinion) which should always remain true throughout: It is not the right of anyone to decide the fate of another.


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okay seems logical - oops

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