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Arisztid Lugosi

Things are expensive! I never really thought about it...but it is a good complaint!
I'm just settling for just buying black clothes. Its working quite well for me. I'm short too though, so I understand your frusteration. All my pants have to be hemmed!
And fortunately pointy shoes are in stores where I live... Even if they are expensive, at least that makes them easier to get.

goth problems...

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Sounds about right...I'm going for the vamp look now rather than full-on goth, there's a lot more stuff available in non-specialist shops and I cut down on the problems already mentioned here :D And yes, the barbie was dyke-tacular

goth problems...

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I thought they had 10? I must go ask my science teacher.

goth problems...

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On the first page or so, theres were people talking about the problem of long sleaves dragging in dinner or in the sink whilst putting on make up/brushing teeth. I can't think of anything but holding your sleave during dinner, But I find putting on your makeup without a top on and then putting a top on carefully works for a sink.

goth problems...

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Ahh.. I have a bowler... But I bought it in Edmonton (I live in Canada) and it was like.... $60, I don't know how many pounds that is. But I find you can find cool hats and stuff at anime conventions.

goth problems...

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I know this stuff died down... but I haven't been on in a while, so I have new stuff. ( To me at least)

-Not being able to dye your hair different colors because it basicly repels dyes.

-Getting fed up and trying to dye your hair with that fake blood they use at halloween... only to get an alergic reaction to it.

-Burning, I think tanning is okay, but getting a burn and wearing heavy cloathing does not mix well.

-Having to troll threw places like value village because you saw the next 5 or six books in a series you like, and now don't have enough money to go anywhere else.

-I don't have to worry about cat hair - I have black cat

-Being able that growly thing while singing to a good song and having people think your a transsexual. I am very darn sure I'm female.

-People calling me a vampire and then being shocked when I get fed up and say I'llactually bite them if they keep it up.

-People bothering me because I listen to a diversity of music because I don't fit their steriotype ( I like stuff from Lional Richie to Venga Boys to Zombie Girls).

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