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goth problems...

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Researcher 203761

i'd like to add....
-chains that get caught on *everything*
-maralyn manson in general
-trying to stay pale
-the "gothlier than thou" croud

goth problems...

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Impossible Flower

gothier than thou! LOL, very true. smiley - winkeye

goth problems...

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Also you forgot about the problems of walking up stairs with long skirts
And also the pet problem black doesn't look quite right when its covered it cat hair

goth problems...

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Gothic Dolly


Metal Detectors in Airports.......
Them moveing Step things *laughs*(Cant rember what they are called *heh*) you're Cote/cape/Dress gets Cought in them...
Runing home/some where. (Boots are way to much to Carry *laughs*).
When Super Drug or Boots Run out of Hair diy and you're roots are showing *Giggles*

I do agree with the "more goth than thow" people they can be very Annoying i tend to Find its more of the 19-35 year old goths who have that Attitude..Not all of them but some of them...

goth problems...

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Tube - the being being back for the time being

Not a problem per se, but annoying in any case:
trying to get your pikes off after a day of walking in them ... open a total of 14 buckles, remove bells/spikes etc and finally unzip them ...

goth problems...

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You said the 19-35 year old goths seem to be snobbier...are you referring to old schoolers who look down on the dress-code type "Kinder Gothen" or just older goths in general?

goth problems...

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Evoot - Back in Black!!

Gothic dollylly

jus like to say i agree on the cat hairs thing,lol... its a rite pain sumtimes

id also add boots with velco straps getting stuck every 5 mins to long skirts,lol

goth problems...

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Another annoying thing is when, you reach across the table to get the salt. While holding your long sleeve back with the other hand so it dosent drag in your dinner.

goth problems...

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Evoot - Back in Black!!

yep, same thinging applies when using a mirror by a sink to say put makeup on, and the sleeve getting in way....

alot of times for me me clothing being to big cos they make it one size and im ikkle

goth problems...

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Being drunk and trying to get through aforementioned buckles and buttons and loops and zips in order to use the toilet rather urgently.

I wish I had moved on from layering clothes. I really do. Either that, or drinking and using the toilet in general. smiley - winkeye

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more on the sleeve thing ...

sleeves + clumsy me + cooking on a gas hob = burned clothes and scorched smells!

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Rubber bracelets + sleeping = red dents on face. smiley - doh

goth problems...

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Washing machine that won't properly rinse black clothing leaving a small white residue of washing powder on everything.
Cycling in a corset's not too good either...

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Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

smiley - yikes Owtch and bugger to both of those...

goth problems...

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Tube - the being being back for the time being

Try liquid washing thingie. Works rather well for me smiley - winkeye

goth problems...

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Arisztid Lugosi

cat hairs are difinately a pain.
also for some reason they dont seem to sell any black clothes while the weathers nice... or at least thats the way it seems to be here.

as for the white residue, i usually hand wash a lot of my clothes. just because i dont like it when my shirts shrink and its all too small. but all you have to do is go out and buy that special soap for hand washing clothes, and then put it in the sinksmiley - smiley

goth problems...

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More problems..

-Running in New Rocks (already mentioned, but yea... they tend to run away wit me!)

-Unlacing knee high Dr Martens after a day of wearing them (20 eyelets!!!)

-finding clothes that fit when you're a slightly larger female (I have hips and an ass damnit!)

-avoiding the trap of ebay (*bows down* Oh how I love thee, online perveyor of random goth clothing and cool things)

- putting ONE BLACK SOCK in with your whites (yes I wear white, to all those of the uniform variety out there)

Umm.. that's it for now smiley - smiley

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Lord Job Boron. That's Lord Job Boron To You!

Shutting doors whilst forgetting your wearing a trench coat.


Finding somewhere to get Absinthe


Difficult philosophy questions which you know what you mean and no-one else can understand what you're trying to say, making you look ineducated

Rolling your own without spilling baccy everywhere

School uniforms

Life in general

Trying to persuade your parents to let you paint your room black

Loosing the argument and so covering it black paper only to find out ITS MORE DIFFICULT THAT IT LOOKS

What do I listen to now? (U2 at the moment- you can't expect Bauhaus ALL the time)

What good film isn't on the Horror channel (very occasionally theres a Bela Lugosi)

Waking up at 7am

Finding your way round in a dark room

Compulsory PE

Is eyeliner and nail varnish too much for school?

Which one of my friends have overdosed now.

Where am I gonna get the money for all my expensive clothes from now

Random Burberry people at bus stops

And all the other problems of life that everyone faces

This may be the longest post I have ever posted.

goth problems...

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Lord Job Boron. That's Lord Job Boron To You!

Oh and Liking Marilyn Manson and Cradle of Filth, simply because of the music and image and having other goths think less of you. I still like Bauhaus, Siouxie, Type O, SoM, The Cure (again not strictly gothic) and a ton of classical stuff as well as *somethings completly different*


And trying to work out what it says when its vs instead of Us and Y instead of Is and Is instead of Js like Vampyres are Ivst rockyng!

goth problems...

Post 20

Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

"Shutting doors whilst forgetting your wearing a trench coat." - True; also sitting down in one and just about throwing yourself through the window trying to stand up again with your foot on the end of it. Very comical for anyone else, I guess.

"People" - Yep.

"Trying to persuade your parents to let you paint your room black.
Losing the argument and so covering it in black paper only to find out IT'S MORE DIFFICULT THAN IT LOOKS" - Yeah why won't the damn stuff ever stay up?!

"Waking up at 7am" - I would say alarm clocks in general. In fact, all mornings should be against the Geneva convention.

"Which one of my friends have overdosed now." - Yep. Or, for variation, playing the game of "Which friend would be calling me at this bloody time of the morning? And are they still going to be alive by the time I get there?"

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