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God is not more complex than the universe.

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In the original article the early paragraph headed 'The Monotheistic Model' states that “god must be more complex than the universe he creates”. This is incorrect according to many metaphysicians from Aristotle in the 4th century BCE to Lonergan in the 20th century CE.

Complexity entails parts. A complex god would consist of parts comprising a whole; analogous to a machine, human body, or indeed the universe.

Parts entail restrictions. If there were parts of god, then any part would be restricted by (1) not being another part, and (2) not being the whole of god. If God were restricted in any way then that would not be the Deity of Monotheistic Christianity, but some other speculative entity. Historically many metaphysicians have argued that God of necessity is not restricted, internally or externally.

God is a necessarily unrestricted entity. A necessarily unrestricted entity must be an absolutely simple entity, not a complex one.

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God is not more complex than the universe.

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