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While I think this article is a fair summary of the Biggles books and Captain W E Johns, there are a couple of points I would dispute:

"The books, if read in chronological order from Biggles' perspective, start with the arrival of the young James Bigglesworth of the Royal Flying Corps in France, where he soon learns that his training has been woefully inadequate."

Surely, from a chronological point of view, the first book would be "The Boy Biggles" which deals with his childhood in India, followed by "Biggles Goes To School".

"Through the succeeding books he meets up with the cast of characters which forms the core of the series: Raymond (eventually Air Commodore Raymond), Lord Bertie Lissie, Algy Lacey and Flight Sergeant Ginger Hebblethwaite."

Ginger was never a Flight Sergeant. He was an officer in a foreign air force in "Biggles Goes To War" then was gazetted straight away as a Pilot Officer in "Biggles In The Baltic". It was the trusty Smythe who was a Flight Sergeant.

Just to put the record straight smiley - smiley


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Thanks, I make no claims to infallibility. Has this page been linked from somewhere? It's suddenly got replies, which it hasn't had for ages.

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No it wasn't linked from anywhere as far as I'm concerned. I put "Biggles" into a search engine and this was a site that came up.


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