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Biggles in Finland ?

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Largo LaGrande

Hi, I'm Largo, and... I'm a Biggles-fan.
(cue hugs, applause and encouraging mutterings)

I was told once there was a book about Biggles in Finland, which is supposed to have been utterly filled with crap along the lines of polarbears in Finnish cities, landing an airplane on a iced-over lake just to find a few hours later that the ice has melted and the plane sunk... etc.
Can anyone confirm or deny?

By the way, I liked the ones from WWI the best, they had some realistc feeling mixed with over-the-top warstories in them, plus the overall structure of the plot was more full of suprises.
In the "flying policeman"-books the action is usually ridiculous and the plot follows the same bloody structure every time (i.e. in the first chapter we find the big B. in a plane flying over dangerous territory, then the story backtracks to the incredibly boring briefing-chapter...)

Biggles in Finland ?

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Researcher 217024

Hello Largo

My name is Andy and I, too, am a Biggles fan. There are hundreds world wide!

The book you refer to is called "Biggles Sees It Through".

I agree that the quality of the later books, particularly the later Air Police stories, are nowhere near as good as the ones written in the 1930s when Captain Johns was writing about experiences he had actually lived through. The plots tended to get a bit stale after some 50 or 60 books.

Nonetheless, the books are a "cracking good read".

Biggles in Finland ?

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

I must confess that I very recently sold my entire collection of Biggles. I re-read most of them first, and I nearly kept the First World War stories, but in the end I decided that my children will probably not read them, and I needed the room. It felt very strange, selling the books which I'd collected over 30 years from jumble sales and fetes.

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