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I believe God made us wired that way;to believe I mean. I would also say that morals don't exist without God in the picture. I respect your point of view, but at the same time I disagree with atheism wholeheartedly and will hope and pray that the "New Atheism" in all it's forms,will die out. smiley - sadface


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Stealth "Jack" Azathoth

Hi, leesmojo.

I respect your right to disagree and hold your own view.

I don't respect the view you have expressed however.

Do you really have such a low opinion of yourself? Do you believe that without a God you could not and, would not know that theft, murder, slavery and rape were wrong?


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Since Leesmojo hasn't yet replied to your question, I'll offer an observation based on logic.

Morality could not have entered into the universe apart from an agency of some sort introducing that moral code or understanding. The various theories of evolution posit that life forms are a result of some unpremeditated process i.e by accident, and so moral agency could not exist or develop out of an accidental creative process.

The fact that we humans have a basic understanding of right and wrong through the conscience dictates that we are governed by a moral authority infusing us with the witness of right and wrong. The dictates of the conscience are universal in that humanity bases its laws after the principles of right and wrong that have been passed down throughout the millennia among all tribes and nations -- principles that appear to have been initially based on the work of the conscience since there is such congruency among the various codified laws.
Life forms simply cannot learn morality of themselves if they originate out of an amoral process. There must be an agency that introduces that morality. And that is one reason why people concur the existence of a higher power or authority, often referred to as "God."



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If evolution can be described as 'by accident', so can the fact that a river runs toward the sea.

Right and wrong are not absolutes, but are dictated by an ever-changing moral zeitgeist.

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Fair comment.

Right and wrong are not absolutes if there is no beginning aligned to a moral standard. But if there is indeed, an eternal, moral standard...


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