A Conversation for Oysters


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Like Woody Allen, I will NOT eat Oysters!smiley - tongueout
I am simply Not that smiley - brave
I dislike anything slimy in my mouth, and cannot even imagine the struggle I would have to get it down my throat smiley - flustered
Just the thought of it makes me smiley - ill


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aka Bel - A87832164

I guess oysters are one of those: either you love them, or you hate them things, with nothing in between.

The mere idea of slurping raw oysters makes me shudder. smiley - laugh


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Great article, I really enjoyed reading it. smiley - biggrin


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Danny B

Thanks smiley - smiley


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Baron Grim

I personally love them. Growing up on Galveston Bay makes them fairly ubiquitous.

However, I can fully understand oyster-aversion.

When I first ate them (batter fried) I was OK as long as I either ate them in one go, or made sure not to look at the bitten portion... THERE'S GREEN STUFF IN THERE! smiley - yikes

I remember one conversation with my dad. He insists on eating them raw on the half shell. (I like them that way as well, but I also know of several recipes for cooking them that make them even better (if you're ever in Galveston County, Texas go to Gillhooley's in San Leon.)) However he absolutely is revolted by the idea of sushi (sushimi).

"That's like eatin' bait!", he says.

"OK, Dad... it is, I suppose... but you eat RAW OYSTERS! How can you eat raw 'bay sludge filters' and not even dare to try sushimi?"

smiley - laugh


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Who no's ? ........... Not me!!

good article, but i still cant grasp as to why people love them so much!

oh well!

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