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Regardless whether you are backpacking the Urals, or dining in Christchurch, remember that most of the known civilizations on Earth regard you by your level of cleanliness.

Lacking an Impressive Set of dreadlocks, try to make sure that hair doesn't look like rats have been sucking on it. And, stupidly more important, try to make sure that your fingertips are not coated with resin, residue or crap under the nails. Customs officials the world wide may not know the difference between Prada and Marks and Spencer, but they do know filth when they spot it. Considering the fact that even a splinter of wood can take care of that nasty business underneath your well-bitten or manicured nails, you'd do well to expend a bit of energy on self-improvement before staggering through customs on a personal jolt.

It's amazing what one tiny bit of personal attention will do to avert the attention of an underpaid, abused individual who has been taught to look for "little things". Nuff said.

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