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Cash Machines

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Gnomon - time to move on

If you take money from a cash machine on your VISA card, you will be charged huge amounts of interest, as mentioned in the article. So much so that it is not worth doing it.

But if you lodge money to your VISA account before you go, you can withdraw up to this amount without any charge.

Cash Machines

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Martin Harper

When I wrote that I was referring to VISA Delta cards - which should charge no interest because they aren't credit cards...

At some time in the future it is claimed you'll be able to pay for stuff using your mobile phone... when they do that it 'll be my backup plan in case the card gets lost/stolen/demagged... smiley - smiley

Cash Machines

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Is mise Duncan

Actually what you can do is apply for a Visa card AND a mastercard. That way you are guarded against the chances of turning up in a place in the middle of nowhere that only has one cash machine. The small annual charge for each of these is probably worth it for the convenience/security.

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