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SchrEck Inc.

I just stumbled over this:

hyper- high hypertonia: high pressure/tension
hypo- low hypotonia: high pressure/tension

So hypotonia must be /low/ pressure/tension? smiley - cool


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Thanks for that smiley - smiley


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See also: http://www.h2g2.com/F48874?thread=78439 in the peer review forum. The bits pertaining to the eyes should be optH not opt. :-)


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Actually, ophth- is the typical greek prefix for "for or pertaining to the eyes"; as in ophthalmology (the study of the eyes, esp. by a medical doctor)


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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

You're not right, at least as far as the greek eye spelling is concerned:

Eye in greek spells (sorry for not using greek letters, I'll take the letter names instead):

"ophthalmos", i.e. omikron, phi, theta, alpha, lambda, my, omikron, sigma

So the eye parts should be ophth...

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