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Sho - employed again!

It is shocking to see what happens when human rights are abused. Just before I read this, I read an article in today's Independent about a prisoner in Scotland who plans to use the ECHR laws to make sure that he receives the minimum wage, paid holidays etc. while he serves his sentence for murder.
So, our justice system is going to devote time and money and effort to give this man his "human rights" (ignoring the fact that he removed permanently the rights of his victims) at the same time as doing nothing about the human rights of people who are innocent and suffering anyway.
I'm very angry about this, so someone tell me: how can we change this?


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World Service Memoryshare team

I can't offer any advice on this particular issue, but this morning I heard a feature on the radio about how more and more people are buying ethically-produced products over others. It's not insignificant numbers either, so manufacturers are being forced to readdress their production methods. As individuals it seems a daunting challenge to change the minds of huge multi-nationals, but consumers are showing their doubt by not buying non-ethical goods and something *is* happening.


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

As the Torture entry mentions, it is critically important that people who are moved... are moved enough to act. It really is possible to shape the world you live in; and the Internet is the perfect tool to enable individuals to become effective activists. My advice is to use the Net to learn about what's going on, what groups are involved, and how you can best use the resources you have to make things better.

Put democracy to work in a good cause by making sure that your Member of Parliament is informed of the issues that are important to you. Don't ever let the power brokers of our world assume that you don't care!


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