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kevin j

Having read V, Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Tom Strong,and From Hell I feel in all fairness I should point out that for the last few years Alan Moore can't write to save his life. Take V for example why spend the entire series setting up the mystery of who V is and then not reveal it, or in From Hell he attempts to dazzle us with research rather than plot, and don't get me started on the Adam Strange episodes of Swamp Thing, for too long nobody has been wiling to criticise him and it has seriously affected his work, everything prior to American Gothic is brilliant everything after is terrible, just think what he could do if he had an editor willing to edit. On the plus side he did invent the Elseworlds concept as Watchem was supposed to feature Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and The Question

sorry who are we talking about

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stella x

I have major differences with you regarding the Mooremeister. However, before we get into that - is that you Kevin?

If not I'm most embarrassed. But I'd still be up to discuss Am with you. If you're not who I thought you were, so sorry.

Best love,

Stella X.

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sorry who are we talking about

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